Agenda & Content

A finalised agenda and speaker list will be published shortly

Please find below a brief overview of the day.

9:00 am                Coffee & registration

10:00 am              Opening remarks

10:15 am              Keynote 1

11:00 am              Morning Break

11:30 am              Workshop Session 1*

12:45 pm              Lunch

1:45 pm                Workshop Session 2*

3:00 pm                Afternoon break

3:15 pm                Keynote 2

4:00 pm                closing remarks

4:30pm                 Conference end

*Alongside our keynote speakers, summit attendees will be able to attend and contribute to two mini think tank workshop sessions focused on the future. Topics will include:

Morning sessions

The Future of Inspection: Universal or Desktop & Targeted?

Speakers: Dr Rebecca Allen, Sean Harford & Stephen Tierney (Chair: Helen Keenan)

The Future of MATS, Selection & Sponsors: The Engine Room of Excellence or a Passing Fancy?

Speakers: Tim Leunig, John Tomsett & Rob Campbell (Chair: Jarlath O’Brien)

The Future of School Leadership: Vacancies or Vivacity

Speakers: Geoff Barton, James Toop, Toby Young & Helena Marsh (Chair: Duncan Spalding)

The Future of Primary Assessment: Learning First or Accountability?

Speakers: Prof Christine Merrell, Dame Alison Peacock & Binks Neate-Evans (Chair: Sally Hamson)

The Future of Governance: Asset Strippers of Asset Stewards?

Speakers: Raj Unsworth, Emma Knights & Ros McMullen (Chair: Chris McShane)

Afternoon sessions

The Future of the Curriculum: Built from the Bottom Up or Sent from the Top Down

Speakers: John Dunford, Sue Williamson & Vikki Pendry (Chair: Chris McShane)

The Future of Inclusion: Do Some Children Matter More than Others?

Speakers: Vic Goddard, Dave Whitaker & Jarlath O’Brien (Chair: Rob Campbell)

The Future of Teacher Professionalism: A College of Teaching for All or the Minority? 

Speakers: Dame Alison Peacock, Brian Lightman & Caroline Barlow (Chair: Duncan Spalding)

The Future of Recruitment & Retention: A Profession Augmented or Diminished?

Speakers: Prof Sam Twistelton, Matthew Hood & Vic Goddard (Chair: Helena Marsh)

The Future of School Funding: Doing More with Less or Less with Less?

 Speakers:  Emma Knights, Stephen Morales & Peter Woodman (Chair: Helen Keenan)

Each workshop will have representatives from the HTRT Core Group and will be led by specialist experts.We are currently finalising content for the HTRT Summit and the above listings are subject to change.