BTS Spark

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BTS Spark offers targeted leadership development and coaching for school leaders so they can unlock new capabilities and perform at their best.


A not-for-profit practice within one of the world’s leading coaching organisations, we work with individuals, teams and wider cohorts of learners throughout the UK. Our range of flexible, personalised programmes are delivered through one-to-one coaching, group coaching, workshops and online learning


All of our programmes are underpinned by our comprehensive leadership curriculum, informed by our work with thousands of leaders across the world, and the mindsets and leadership practices that we know make the biggest difference.


We help leaders to understand and embed new ways of:


  • Being – enhancing self-awareness, authenticity and personal resourcefulness
  • Relating – building trust, motivation and leadership partnership
  • Inspiring – tapping into core values to build a shared vision and lead with purpose
  • Thinking– developing strategic agility and creating a culture of innovation and inquiry


Through expert coaching and facilitation, highly experiential learning journeys, access to the latest leadership thinking, and a strong focus on closing the knowing-doing gap so participants put their learning into practice within their day-to-day leadership roles, we help leaders, schools and MATs to:


  • Achieve a step change in leadership capability and impact
  • Drive change and school improvement
  • Accelerate talent development and ensure effective leadership succession
  • Build a coaching and feedback culture that unlocks potential and enhances performance
  • Foster staff resilience and wellbeing
  • Move beyond collaboration to establish true leadership partnership
  • Provide effective, principled system leadership and school-to-school support


Founded in 2005, here in the UK, as Coach in a Box, to offer high quality coaching that’s accessible and affordable for all, we joined forces with global leadership consultancy BTS in 2017.


To date we have coached over 50,000 leaders worldwide and worked with over ten thousand education leaders. In the UK, over the past three years, we have coached over eight thousand leaders from companies such as HSBC, Unilever, BP and British Airways, and from over a hundred schools. 99.6% of those we coach report a positive change in their leadership.

Twitter: @BTSSparkUK