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CENTURY’s purpose is to improve learner outcomes.

We see two main issues in the current education system:

  • the one-size-fits-all method of teaching that can leave students disengaged and demotivated, and
  • the staggering 74% of teachers that are considering leaving the profession due to the ever-increasing, admin-heavy workload.

We want to improve learning outcomes by providing a personalised learning experience for our students and reducing workload for our teachers.

  • CENTURY understands that every student learns in a different way and deserves an educational journey tailored to suit their needs
  • CENTURY believes that teachers are most valuable when they spend their time teaching students, not working on unnecessary admin or paperwork
  • CENTURY understands the importance of real-time data, which enables educators to respond to students’ needs

CENTURY provides teachers with detailed insight into their students’ learning. It reduces the time spent on data entry, marking and reporting, enabling educators to make informed decisions about their students.

So far we have consulted over 200 teachers and students and we’re not stopping there – CENTURY continues to evolve based on our customers’ feedback.  We have seen fantastic results: CENTURY improves educational attainment, reduces teacher workload, and motivates students.

W: http://www.century.tech/