Workshops | Block A

Select from the following five workshops:


Becky Allen – Talking to students and parents about their current and likely future attainment

Hall 9

In English schools, we find it hard to talk to parents and students about how they doing without reporting their position within the class or year. In this talk, Becky Allen explains why this is, and reviews the research on whether giving this type of feedback is motivating or demotivating. She makes the case for talking to students about their attainment, rather than constructing oblique progress metrics, but shows some ways to do it which can really help students focus their efforts.


Caroline Barlow – Making Teaching the career they “Never Wanna Leave”.

Exec 1

Exploring how we can use our existing structures and the opportunities created by the Recruitment & Retention Framework to ensure Teaching is a career of choice, progression and diversity. Attracting and retaining those with a passion for their subject and young people throughout their own working life.

Including practical ideas to explore, based on research and professional thinking as well as unpicking future opportunities. Promising no silver bullets but perhaps a collective arsenal of possibilities.


Duncan Spalding – Choose lifeworld: A conceptual framework for ethical leadership

Exec 2

This session explores the conceptual framework for ethical leadership that Duncan developed during his recent Masters in Education studies. The framework has now become the basis for non-positional leadership training delivered to staff and governors across the federation of three schools that Duncan leads. Taking The Cambridge Network Leadership for Learning framework as its foundation this session explores ideas such as the lifeworld of educational leadership, leadership as practice, the best interests of pupils, and ethical decision making.


Nick Brook (NAHT) – School Accountability: is inspection doing more harm than good?

Exec 7

Nick will share the findings of the Accountability Commission’s report ‘Improving School Accountability’ and consider how Ofsted’s proposed reforms stack up against the recommendations for change made. Nick will explore how government could rebalance holding schools to account with helping schools to improve.


Jules White (Worth Less?) – ‘A view from Worth Less? – A relentlessly reasonable vision at a time of relentlessly unreasonable expectations and challenge.’

Exec 8

The presentation will provide an opportunity to reflect on campaign work of ‘Worth Less?’ and to set out challenges and potential solutions to funding and other critical issues going forward.  The power of collaborative work in a fragmented system will also be emphasised.  I hope to remain relentlessly reasonable throughout.